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Implementation of the RPS

Implementation of the RPS

Updated 3 July 2015 2:31pm

Historic Heritage

Method 20 of the Regional Policy Statement states that GWRC will develop information to assist with the identification of places, sites and area with significant historic heritage values.

A guide to historic heritage identification, the Historic Heritage User Guide aims to help people understand the different types of historic heritage values associated with places, sites and areas. The guide contains criteria for assessing historic heritage values and the significance of places in a regionally consistent way and in a common language that everyone can understand and use. The criteria are designed to be used by local authorities, community groups and others to evaluate the significance of historic heritage places, sites and areas in accordance with policy 20 of the RPS.

A copy of the guide can be downloaded here.


The Wellington Region Landscape Atlas has been developed to support local authority initiatives associated with implementing policies 25 and 27 and method 50 of the Regional Policy Statement.

Regional landscape character description studies have been produced for the Wairarapa and Hutt Valley. These landscape descriptions describe and categorise the landscapes to assist with identifying outstanding natural features and significant amenity landscapes.

Full copies of these landscape character descriptions can be found at the links below.

Wairarapa Landscape Character Description Study 2010

Hutt Landscape Character Description Study 2012