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How to make a submission

How to make a submission

Updated 27 September 2021 2:38pm

Please note that the procedure for submissions concerning resource management consent applications varies slightly from that set out below. The guidelines concerning resource management submissions are available under Notified Consents.

The Council will ask for public submissions on particular issues. While there is no set format that a submission should take, you should aim to present your submission in a way that is both ordered and easy to understand.

You can lodge your submission with Greater Wellington Regional Council in person, or by post, email or fax. Make sure you include your name, address and phone number in your submission and clearly state whether or not you would like to make an oral presentation in support of your submission.

Please also note that any submission you make may become publicly available. If you are making a submission as an individual, Greater Wellington Regional Council will consider removing your personal contact details if you request this in your submission.

Section 82 of the Local Government Act 2002 details how consultation undertaken by Greater Wellington Regional Council in relation to any decision or other matter must be conducted.

In addition, by law, the Council must follow the special consultative procedure before it:

  • Adopts or amends a long-term plan (LTP) 
  • Adopts, amends or revokes a bylaw under the Local Government Act 2002 if:
    • The bylaw concerns a matter identified in a significance and engagement policy as being of significant interest to the public; or
    • The local authority considers there is, or is likely to be, a significant impact on the public due to the proposed bylaw (or proposed changes to a bylaw)

The Council may also be required to use the special consultative procedure under other legislation, and it may choose to use this procedure in other circumstances if it wishes to do so.