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Getting to school

Getting to school

Updated 19 December 2019 4:54pm


Walking, cycling and scooting to school offer children many benefits. Improved independence, physical and mental health, decision making, risk assessment and road safety skills, to name a few.

Greater Wellington Regional Council provides tools and resources for schools to promote safe and active travel, and address congestion and safety issues around the school gate.

Pedal Ready

Cycle skills training available free to all schools within the region. Thinking about riding to school? Here are some great tips to get you there safe and sound.


Annual event celebrating families who walk, cycle and scooter to school. Check out the fantastic resources for promoting active travel!

School’s Active Travel Toolkit

Guides for promoting fun and easy active travel initiatives in schools.

Active Travel Action Curriculum Resource

This resource provides a process for schools to implement sustainable active travel practices in their school through student inquiry - and an opportunity for students to take action in response to climate change.


Annual publication showcasing road safety and active travel stories from schools around the region.

If you would like to find out more email the School Travel Team at