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Future for Local Government

Future for Local Government

Updated 13 October 2021 3:52pm

Local Government is the layer of democracy and accountability closest to individuals and communities.

New Zealand has a highly centralised and unitary state which means local government can only perform the functions it is mandated to do. Local government makes a difference to everyone’s life on a daily basis. From the roads you drive, the community facilities you use and even keeping us resilient and secure in times of crisis.

The Future for Local Government review looks to reimagine this role and how it will remain fit for purpose over the coming 30 years. Does our system have the right tools and functions to contribute positively to the wellbeing and prosperity of the nation?

The review will focus on the roles and functions of local government, the governance arrangements and how it is funded. It is important that local government is enabled to meet its communities aspirations. We encourage people to actively engage with the review over the coming 12 months to help shape a future for local government that is meaningful, representative and engaged.

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