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Updated 12 January 2021 10:42am
How do I get to the parks?

Follow this link to find information on how to get to the regional parks.

Why are there no rubbish bins?

We have found that one thing visitors really dislike is the sight of overflowing rubbish bins. By encouraging everyone to take their rubbish home with them our staff can spend their time improving the parks rather than emptying rubbish bins.

Can I take my dog?

In most cases dogs are welcome in the regional parks and forests. They are not allowed at Battle Hill Farm Forest Park or in the farming areas of Belmont Regional Park or Queen Elizabeth Park to protect livestock. They must be on a leash on the Pencarrow Coast Road and are also not allowed south of the hill track to the lighthouse to protect nesting birds. Please do not take your dog into the wetlands at Queen Elizabeth Park.

Can you drink the water?

You need to boil any water taken from the streams and rivers in the regional parks and forests. Drinking water is available at the toilet blocks at Battle Hill Farm Forest Park, Belmont Regional Park (Oakleigh St, Stratton St and Dry Creek), Kaitoke Regional Park (campground toilets only) and Queen Elizabeth Park.

Are there toilets available?

There are toilets available in all the parks and forests except for the Akatarawa Forest, the Hutt Water Collection Area and the southern (Pencarrow) block at East Harbour Regional Park. Toilets are mostly situated near the park entrances.

Please bury all toilet waste well away from water courses.

Can I light a fire?

You need the ranger's permission to light campfires at Kaitoke Regional Park and at Battle Hill Farm Forests Park. There is a total fire ban in the Akatarawa Forest, Belmont Regional Park, East Harbour Regional Park, Whitireia Park and Queen Elizabeth Park. You may only light a fire in the Pakuratahi Forest if you obtain a written permit from the Greater Wellington Regional Council during Open Fire Season periods. Light no fires whatsoever in the pine plantation forests.

You are welcome to bring your portable (gas) camp stove or BBQ to the parks or forests.

Are the tracks suitable for baby buggies?

You will find excellent tracks for 3 wheel "mountain buggies" in all the parks and forests. Check out the easy walks at Battle HillBelmontKaitoke and Queen Elizabeth Parks, the Hutt River Trail and Tunnel Gully and Wainuiomata Recreation Areas to start with, and venture further as you feel more confident.

You will need to lift your buggy onto its front wheel as you walk across the swing bridges at Kaitoke or Wainuiomata, so it's a good idea to take a friend along to help.

What time do the park gates close?

Park gates close at dusk each day.

Can I camp in the parks and forests? How much does it cost?

There are well established camp grounds at Battle Hill and Kaitoke Regional Park, with flush toilets, drinking water and electric barbecues (at Kaitoke). Shallow river or stream swimming is available nearby.

You may also camp in the Stratton Street valley or in the Dry Creek valley at Belmont Regional Park. Flush toilets and drinking water are available here too.

Camping is permitted but no facilities are provided at Ladle Bend and Summit on the Remutaka Rail Trail, and in the Akatarawa Forest. Please contact the ranger for more information.

Camping fees are $8 per adult or $4 per child per night.

Can I just go for an easy walk (or something in between)?

There is a wide range of walks available in the parks and forests - from a 10 minute stroll to a day long hike. Check out the range of walks here.