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A frank conversation about... driving on beaches

A frank conversation about... driving on beaches

Updated 8 January 2020 11:20am

We kiwis have a strong connection to the sea. 75% of people in this country live within 10km of the coast and going to the beach is part of our DNA.

How great would it be if future generations of New Zealanders could enjoy it in the way we do?

Small actions can preserve our fragile coastline and save it from harm.

Cherish our wildlife

Noise and ground disturbance scares baby bird chicks, crushes shellfish, and tears up plants. Our wildlife needs space and quiet to grow. Find out more here.

Without our dunes we’re defenceless

Driving on or near sand dunes degrades them over time, removing our defense from storm surges. Find out how.

Respect for our precious sites

Some parts of our region’s coastline are important sites to be respected. Have a look at where these sites are.

Some areas are restricted

Did you know that for the above reasons some parts of our region’s coastline allow restricted vehicle access or no vehicles at all? It’s important to protect these significant sites. Check these maps before you head to the beach.

Beach maps

Vehicle access is still permitted in some areas for things like launching boats.