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Flood Protection's free advice and consultation service

Flood Protection's free advice and consultation service

Updated 16 July 2020 12:43pm

Greater Wellington Flood Protection policy is that new development is avoided in areas of flood risk, as a first option.

We recommend that you consider placing any new development out of the areas of river or stormwater flood hazard, and are pleased to assist with identifying where hazard areas may be on your property. 

Where development takes place in areas subject to flood risk (including infill development), we recommend that residual risk is recognised. Residual risk is the risk of greater than a design flood occurring.

Flood hazard information we have depends what is available from assessment reports, but may include:

  • modelled flood depths
  • modelled flood extents
  • recommended building floor levels

You may be able to identify flood free building sites yourself from information already available, and the first place to look is the Floodplain Management Plan or Scheme Plan for your river.

If you would like further advice, please contact;

  • For Kapiti Coast, Hutt Valley, Wellington - 04 384 5708
  • For Wairarapa - 06 378 2484
  • Free phone - 0800 496 734

Click here to read our flood hazard and residential insurance information sheet.