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Fees and charges

Fees and charges

Updated 1 July 2021 1:28pm

Here you will find information relating to: 

Consent processing fees                              

You pay an initial fixed application fee when you lodge your resource consent application. This covers the estimated standard cost of processing your application. Staff time is charged at the following rates (effective from 1 July 2021): 

Administration services including consent registration, database entry, and notified consent processing support $132.25 (incl. GST)
Consent processing services including assessment of consent applications, decision recommendations $155.25 (incl. GST)
Technical or science expert services for technical and/or science expert advice on consent applications $172.50 (incl. GST)

The final cost depends on how much time is actually spent processing your application. This may be more or less than the initial fixed application fee paid. If you withdraw your application we refund any unused portion of your fee. 

All fees can be paid into the following GWRC account: 06-0582-0104781-00. (For reference details please quote "consents" and the applicant name.)

For more details on application fees download our Resource Consents Charges Guide (2021) or full Resource Management Charging Policy (2021-24)

Non-notified applications

Initial fixed non-notified application fees (including GST) are outlined below:

Non-notified Consent Type (s87 RMA) Initial fee (incl. GST)
Discharge to land $2,616.25
Discharge to Land/Water (earthworks)
Discharge to water (other) $3,858.25
Discharge to air $1,684.75
Take/use water (new application) $2,305.75
Take/use water (replacement application) $1,374.25
Dam/divert water $1,219.00
Land Use (land clearing, logging, soil disturbance. forestry)
Land use (works in bed of a lake or river, bridge, culvert) $1,296.63
Land Use (bore) – standard
Land Use (bore) – non-standard e.g. sand trap / bore spear / geotechnical bore
Coastal Permit (existing boatshed or mooring)
Coastal Permit (other including new boatshed)
Other Consent Types
Change of consent conditions (s127, RMA) – administrative conditions only
Change of consent conditions (s127, RMA) – all other conditions
Other Application Type
Initial fee (incl. GST)
Change of lapse date (s125, RMA)
Transfer of water permit from site to site (s136(2), RMA) $1,374.25
Certificate of compliance (s139, RMA) $1,684.75
Deemed permitted activities (s87BB, RMA) $465.75
Surrender of consent (s138, RMA) No charge
Transfer of consent to another person (s134, 135, s136, s137, RMA) $132.25

Where there is more than one application required for the same proposal, an initial fixed application fee is required for each application. In some instances, we may waiver the requirement to pay all initial fixed application fees associated with the same proposal. 

Publicly notifed or limited notified applications

Initial fixed notified application fees (including GST) are outlined below: 

Initial limited notified application fee (up to hearing) $11,500
Initial fully notified application fee (up to hearing) $23,000
Further application fee is hearing scheduled for less than 5 days 
Further application fee if hearing scheduled for 5 days or more $57,500

We’ll provide a cost estimate once we’ve received and assessed your application. We revise it as needed during the application process.


Monitoring charges                                       back to top

Once you receive a resource consent(s) we recover the cost of monitoring your consent. Monitoring charges are estimated when your consent is granted. Charges vary considerably, depending on the scale and complexity of your activity.

There are three components that make up your monitoring charge:

1. Customer service charge: An annual fee of $80.50 (including GST) applies to all consents. This covers services such as: 

  • Providing information and advice on your consent
  • Maintaining your consent as a public record
  • Recording changes in consent status (e.g. if your consent is transferred to someone else)

This fee is charged every year until your consent is transferred or expires. It applies even if your resource consent is not being used. (Note: Where there are multiple consents issued to the site site/activity, discounts apply)

2. Compliance monitoring charge: Compliance monitoring involves a site visit and/or audit to assess an operation’s compliance with consent conditions. The monitoring charge reflects the time taken by staff to monitor your consent. Staff time is charged at $155.25 (including GST) per hour. The level of compliance monitoring needed depends on the complexity of your consent and significance of environmental effects. 

3. State of the environment monitoring charge: We undertake many types of monitoring to assess the state of the environment and the effects of resource consents. For example we monitor air quality, river and stream flows, water quality, and groundwater levels. We pass on a proportion of these monitoring costs to consent holders.

For more details on monitoring charges download our full Resource Management Charging Policy (2021-24)