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Fee schedule - non-commercial

Fee schedule - non-commercial

Updated 21 December 2020 12:47pm

The table below refers to charges for activities that may be conducted in one or more of the regional parks or forests.  All activities must be consistent with the relevant park or forest management plan.  All charges include GST.

Application Fee more than 150 participants

$100 non-refundable


Bonds are payable at the time of application and may be between $200 and $5,000, dependent on the level of possible impact on park values.

A bond of less than $200 may be applied for low impact/ site sensitivity, non-commercial activities.

Site/room occupation or use

Negotiated flat fee or a per person/vehicle charge as appropriate. A bond may be required.

Ken Gray Education Centre (Battle Hill Farm Forest Park)

Stratton Street meeting room (Belmont Regional Park)

$50 booking fee

4 hours or less $50, daily $180, 3-5 day use $300 maximum.

(bond may be required)

Ranger assistance

$100/hr ranger time 


School groups free access with ranger time free for first 2 hours. Ranger time at $50/hr after that. 

Special interest groups, e.g., Forest & Bird, historic societies, botany clubs, universities (this does not apply to formal research programmes, e.g., scientific and archaeological research)

Free access. First 2 hours free with ranger. $100/hr ranger time after first 2 hours. Vehicle costs may apply.

Four wheel drives/motorised vehicles, motorbike and trail bike permit (non-commercial club events)


Non-commercial activities/tours of more than 30 participants (eg. mountain biking, running, orienteering).

$5 per participant full day
$2.50 per participant half day

Horse riding - events and trekking (greater than 30 horses and people).

Events: $5/competitor
Rally/practice: $3/participant

Picnic area or space reservations for groups


Bookable for groups of 25 or more, week days only - flat fee $40

Queen Elizabeth Park

Picnic area booking 30+ people, space must be booked with ranger - free

Other parks

Any sites, 50 peole minimum for booking - free


  • Ceremony only,  <50 people
  • Ceremony and function, <50 people
  • Ceremony only, >50 people
  • Ceremony and function, >50 people





$500 (plus bond at ranger's discretion)


Children under 5 – free of charge

Unpowered sites

$8 per adult per night

$4 per child per night under 16 years old. If unsupervised, particularly 14-16 year old, adult rates apply)

Powered sites

$16 per adult per night

$8 per child per night under 16 years old.