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Fee schedule - filming and photography

Fee schedule - filming and photography

Updated 21 December 2020 12:47pm

There is a non-refundable application fee of $50 for low impact filming and $175 for all other new applications. Renewal fees may be reduced based on the estimated work involved in renewing the application.

Processing charges are based on an estimate of staff costs, public notification, consultation or any other processing costs required. These will be assessed and discussed with you at the time of your application.

A bond may be required depending on the activity and its effects. This is dependent on the type of filming but is set at a minimum of the one-day charge and at the discretion of the Parks Manager.

Greater Wellington Regional Council will consider waiving fees for film activities undertaken by students for educational purposes, or for low budget film activities. You will need to complete a fee waiver form, located in the "Forms" box on the right side of this screen.

The following rates apply during filming and where the film or photography company has exclusive possession of the site:

Application fee (non refundable)

$175 or

$50 for low impact filming

Urgent applications

$250 surcharge

Advertising commercials


Feature film


$500/half day

$400/2 hours

Rates for more than 10 days will be negotiated according to expected impacts

Television drama


Sports events (commercial purposes)


Conservation/education/recreation promotion

$500/ day or to be negotiated depending on size and nature of filming. Preparation, clean up fees and a bond may apply

Film activities by students for educational purposes

To be negotiated depending on the size and nature of filming. Preparation, clean up fees and bond may apply

Still photography