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Easy steps to keep the water clean

Easy steps to keep the water clean

Updated 26 June 2020 10:39am
  1. Pick up any litter you see around the streets, such as cans, plastic bags and cigarette butts
  2. Pick up your dog's droppings. Washed into storm water they increase bacteria levels in rivers and the sea
  3. If you can, clean your car on the lawn - ideally without carwash solutions. Or, take it to a car wash
  4. Sweep up grass clippings and leaves and put them on your garden, rather than hosing them into drains
  5. Clean paint brushes in the laundry sink, or in a bucket that you tip somewhere in your garden
  6. Leave small left-overs of paint and solvents to dry rather than pouring them down the drain
  7. Take household chemicals, waste oil etc. to the specific sections at official landfills. Shovel up soil, rubbish and cement when you build
  8. Join a community group to help restore a stream or clean a beach

For landfill opening times and disposal advice call your local council:

04 499 4444 (Wellington City Council)

04 237 5089 (Porirua City Council)

04 528 8769 (Upper Hutt City Council)

04 570 6666 (Hutt City Council)

04 904 5700 (Kapiti Coast District Council)

06 378 9666 (Masterton District Council)

06 306 9611 (South Wairarapa District Council)

06 379 6626 (Carterton District Council)