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Winter planting events 2021

Winter planting events 2021

Updated 10 August 2021 1:12pm

Join us for tree planting in one of our stunning parks. We are planting over 400,000 trees in some of our parks this winter which will make a significant contribution to the health and resilience of our region. You can be part of the solution for our environment while enjoying getting close to nature with your friends and whānau.

Not only do these trees make the places we live and play look beautiful, but they also help increase biodiversity, prevent soil erosion, remove greenhouse gases and improve water quality. We have a wide range of planting programmes this and every winter. Join us at one of the many events we have planned from 10 June until late September 2021.   

Check out the list of various events, call 0800 496 734, or check out Facebook for event details.  

Getting to our planting events  

To get to our winter planting locations you will most likely need to go by car. Please note at most of our parks, parking is limited, plan to get there early or carpool.   

We will provide transport to some of our events - we will make it clear in the event details when this is the case.   


Cancellations will be made on our Facebook page and our events page on the day of the event.


If we or our service providers take photographs or filming of you (or your dependants) during the course of the event, you authorise that we may use such photographs or film in any promotional or published material, including print and online. 

All photographs or video remain the property of Greater Wellington, who shall have the right to duplicate, reproduce or make other commercial use of such photographs free and clear of any claim whatsoever on your part. 

If you (or children accompanying you) do not wish to appear in photographs please contact events team at or let GWRC staff attending the event know that you do not consent to appearing in any filming or photographic record of the event.  

If you would like to find out more about getting your hand dirty, please contact