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Walking & Cycling Journey Planner

Walking & Cycling Journey Planner

Updated 18 January 2021 1:19pm

We’re sorry but we’ve had to discontinue the Walking and Cycling Journey Planner due the software no longer being supported and maintained.

However, we do have some suggestions for other journey planning websites and apps you might like to use.

Note: this is not an exhaustive list.

Google Maps

Google Maps has journey planner tools and a Bicycling layer that includes suggested cycle routes.

You can Feedback to Google with anything that needs updating (e.g. routes).

Learn how to use Google Maps through their help centre and You Tube videos.

Download the app from Apple or Google Play

Open Street Map

Open Street Map also has a cycling layer with cycling routes and journey planner tools.

It is an open source map which means it is updated by the general public i.e. people like you.

You can learn how to use it here, including how to add to it.

Smart Travel

Smart Travel connects like-minded people who want to share their commute, help others get around sustainably and get rewarded for it.

It has a journey planning function and the commute options include matching cycling, public transport & walking buddies, and carpool matching.

Sign up, download the app on Apple or Google Play and get rewarded for your travel!

GWRC Cycle maps

GWRC produces cycle maps for the Wellington Region that are available online and at various visitor centres and bike shops throughout the region in printed form.

See the below links for more information about Sustainable Transport options in the Wellington Region:

Cycling in Wellington

Walking in Wellington

Public Transport in Wellington

Car Pooling in Wellington

For any further queries about the Cycling and Walking Journey Planner please contact us