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Commercial activities guidelines

Commercial activities guidelines

Updated 21 December 2020 12:47pm

Commercial use refers to an individual, group or organisation's use that is carried out for profit or as a means of livelihood or gain.  This includes but is not limited to, recreation, tourism and filming businesses.

NOTE: Fees are payable for commercial activities or events in the regional parks. Charges apply to filming and general commercial activities.

For answers to commonly asked questions, see the information provided below:


Can I get exclusive rights?

Exclusive commercial rights (that is, an operator having a monopoly) are rarely granted, and may only be possible where environmental and or social/cultural values outweigh the benefits or principles of competition.  Film companies may be granted exclusive use of a specified area, for a short term, at the discretion of Greater Wellington.

Can I get a fee waiver or discount?

Greater Wellington Regional Council will consider waiving fees for:

  •  film activities or still photography that are:
    • undertaken by students for educational purposes; and/or
    • low budget
  •  events or activities raising money primarily for charitable purposes

If you would like the applicable fees waived, then you need to fill out a film fee waiver form. (See the "Forms" box at the top corner of this screen for a downloadable waiver form.)  It is at the Regional Council’s discretion if a partial or full fee waiver is granted.

How is my application assessed?

The criteria depends on whether the activity is classified as a major, minor or temporary concession.  In general the application should:

  • comply with all relevant legislation and management plans
  • note expected effects on the environment and other park users, and how these will be addressed
  • have an audited health and safety plan

The application may also require:

  • evidence of operator and guide experience and qualifications
  • a comprehensive business plan and/or evidence of proven business skills
  • evidence of consultation with iwi and other key stakeholders

Anything else?

Greater Wellington Regional Council may require your application to be publicly notified. You may need to obtain a resource consent in some cases. This is a separate procedure and not part of the concession application.

Want to discuss further?

You are welcome to check details or discuss your event/activity further with the relevant Park Ranger or the Events Advisor - or phone (04) 830 4282.


Click here to apply for a concession for your commercial activity or event. We will contact you within five working days to discuss your application.