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Bikes and public transport

Bikes and public transport

Updated 19 December 2019 2:57pm

Cyclist with reflective gear on at night

Bikes can be carried free of charge on trains during off peak periods. During the peak, there is no charge for bike carriage, but spaces are limited. Folding bikes can be carried on trains and buses. Again, during the peak commuter period, spaces may be limited. Bike parking is available at many railway stations.

Access to parking or lockers at your local railway station

Metlink bikes on trains policy

Group bike rides

Booking your trip in advance ensures we can accommodate your group, and offer you discounted tickets.

Group Travel is defined as 10 or more people travelling at the same time to the same destination during off peak hours. A minimum of five business days is required before travel for group bookings to be accepted.

If your group wants to carry bicycles on Metlink train services, first check that you can comply with our Bikes on Trains policy before proceeding with a booking. 

If you have any questions about group travel, or wish to make a booking email the following details to

  • Your name
  • The name of your organisation
  • Your phone number/s
  • Your email address
  • The date you wish to travel
  • The time you wish to travel
  • The stations you wish to travel between
  • The number of adults and children travelling
  • Whether or not your group will have luggage

Any other special information that may be useful.