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Better car washing

Better car washing

Updated 26 June 2020 10:39am

Everything that goes into the gutter ends up in local streams and eventually the sea via our stormwater systems. Water from car washing contains pollutants like detergent, dirt, metal particles and oils, which are carried directly to the sea. Here they can seriously affect fish and other aquatic life.

Keeping carwash water out of drains and stormwater systems is a great way to keep our streams and beaches healthy.

Follow these tips when you wash your car:

  • Wash your car on a gravel surface or lawn where the wastewater can soak in
  • Put rags or towels near the drains to keep water out
  • Wipe the car clean – don’t hose it down
  • Tip the dirty water down the sink or the toilet
  • Go to a carwash station