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Annual Plan 2017/18

Annual Plan 2017/18

Updated 10 December 2019 10:25am

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A message from the chair

The 2017/18 Annual Plan focuses on building resilience and achieving consensus on the big issues that confront the greater Wellington region. It supports the objectives we outlined in our 10 Year Plan 2015-25, and has been completed after consultation with the regional community.

The earthquake and CentrePort

The 2016 Kaikoura earthquake had a far-reaching impact on our region. It revealed the extent of our vulnerability and also the need to build more resilience in the future.

For Greater Wellington Region Council the effect of the earthquake was felt most strongly in terms of the impact upon CentrePort and adjacent properties. We lost some valuable income from the port following the quake but CentrePort and the council's management team have been working hard to restore the port's role as a vital component of the region's infrastructure and an important driver of economic growth.

Climate change

We have a growing understanding of the impacts of climate change and how we can best respond to these. The Council has a robust strategy to reduce its own emissions and is spearheading a regional approach to managing the process of adaption particularly our waterways and coastal zones.

The greater Wellington region's natural environment

We have a range of significant environmental responsibilities, all focussed on protecting the Wellington region's natural capital. We work closely with local communities to identify environmental hot spots around the region, and then for agreements on how to deal with them. We expect to complete the process of approving the proposed Natural Resources Plan for the region during this year. 


Partnerships are crucial to the Regional Council. We work closely with the region's councils and central Government on resilience activities. We also work with the councils on transport and environmental issues. The quality of this collaborative activity is much higher than it has been in the past.


Process is being made on redesigning the transport networks under the Let's Get Wellington Moving programme. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get this right and prepare the way for a central city that focuses on public transport, pedestrians and cyclists as well as cars. We are also working to transform the region's public transport system with new bus routes, integrated ticketing, lower emission buses and a new, simplier fare structure.


We want to ensure we get the best possible value for every ratepayer's contribution. Our rates increase is down from the 9.3 percent proposed in the 10 Year Plan 2015-25, to an average of 5.6 percent. The vast majority of this increase is investment in future proofing the region's infrastructure, to make life more secure and more livable for its entire population.

Chris Laidlaw

Taking care of the things that really matter

Our Annual Plan 2017/18 reflects the ongoing need to invest in resilience while also ensuring that we make the best decisions and provide cost effective solutions.

We remain committed to the key priorities set out in our 10 Year Plan 2015-25:

  • Investing in regional infrastructure for bulk drinking water, flood protection, and public transport
  • Increasing the use of public transport along with walking and cycling
  • Making sure we can cope in emergencies such as earthquakes, tsunami, or extreme weather events
  • Keeping our environment clean with a focus on water quality, air quality, land use and pests.

Download the Annual Plan 2017/18



Greater Wellington Regional Council produces an Annual Plan for those years when a Long-Term Plan is not produced. It is a forward-looking publication. It contains changes from the Long-Term Plan for that year, as well as key financial information. A public consultation process may take place during the development of the annual plans and will be dependent on the materiality and/or significance of the changes for the relevant year.  Previous versions of the Annual Plan 2014-2015 can be accessed through the document library.