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Annual Plan 2016/17

Annual Plan 2016/17

Updated 26 June 2020 3:58pm

Greater Wellington Regional Council produces an Annual Plan for those years when a Long-Term Plan is not produced. It is a forward-looking publication. It contains changes from the Long-Term Plan for that year, as well as key financial information. A public consultation process may take place during the development of the annual plans and will be dependent on the materiality and/or significance of the changes for the relevant year.

Previous versions of the Annual Plan 2014-2015 can be accessed through the document library.

Annual Plan 2016-2017

1. Overview (2MB)

  • From the Chair
  • From the Chief Executive
  • Setting the scene
  • Summary of changes for 2016/2017
  • Our finances

2. Activities (5MG)

  • Regional leadership
  • Public transport
  • Water supply
  • Environment
  • Flood protection and control works
  • Parks

3. Council-controlled organisations and investments (1MG)

  • Council-controlled organisations and investments
  • Investments

4. Financial information (1MG)

  • Financial information

5. Regional Councillors (1MG)

  • Regional councillors