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Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation

Updated 3 December 2021 10:25am

2020/21 Annual Monitoring  report

This is the first annual monitoring report for the Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2021 (RLTP). Below is the Link to the report.

Monitoring report for RLTP 2021

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2016/17 Annual Monitoring report on the RLTP

The RLTP sets the direction for transport in the region for the next 10-30 years. It identifies regional priorities, policies, targets and objectives and sets out the transport projects we intend to invest in. 

The Annual monitoring report contains the monitoring framework (for the RLTP). This consists of the headline targets which are the main performance indicators. Together with the measures and indicators in the framework, these will track our progress toward the regional programme objectives and outcomes.


The monitoring framework follows a nationally consistent structure based on the five Ministry of Transport Outcomes (briefly outlined below):

  • Inclusive access – enabling all people to participate in society with affordable and reliable transport choices
  • Healthy and safe people – protect people from transport related injuries and make active travel an attractive option
  • Environmental sustainability – transition to zero carbon emissions with improvements to air and water quality
  • Resilience and security – to minimise risks from natural and man-made hazards, adapt and recover from disruptive events
  • Economic prosperity – the efficient movement of people and products


The measures and indicators within the monitoring framework consist of eleven measures and 19 indicators for the Wellington region discussed in section 4 of the Monitoring report. The main performance indicators are the headline targets, they are ambitious and indicate the scale of change we want to make in the ten years to 2030.  

The headline targets are:

  • Increase public transport and active mode share by 40 percent
  • Reduce transport-generated emissions by 35 percent
  • Reduce road deaths and serious injuries by 40 percent