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Air quality

Air quality

Updated 11 October 2021 1:13pm

We all need clean air. Breathing polluted air can lead to respiratory (lung) and cardiovascular (heart) problems.

Concerned about air pollution?

If you are being affected by unpleasant or excessive amounts of chimney smoke, dust or agrichemical spray, report an environmental incident:

Environmental 24hr Hotline 0800 496 734.

The state of our air

We measure air quality in 8 airshed areas to ensure we are meeting National Environmental Standards, as well as Regional Land Transport Plan targets.

See current air quality data for:

See LAWA for national air quality data.

Keeping our air clean

We can all be part of keeping our air clean through:

  • Better home fires - Wood smoke contains lots of fine particles that can affect your eyes and lungs. Home fires are responsible for about 80% of all particle air pollution produced in the region. Learn how to become a better burner. If you live in Masterton or Wainuiomata we can help you replace your woodburner
  • Sustainable transport - Around 95% of nitrogen oxides produced in the region comes from traffic. Sustainable transport options like public transport, car sharing and cycling all help reduce air pollution. More…

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