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Air pollution from cars

Air pollution from cars

Updated 9 July 2021 12:49pm

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Help everyone in the region breathe easier

Air pollution can and does affect us here in the Wellington region. At certain times of year it can get to levels that may cause problems for your health.

Air pollution doesn’t just blow away

One thing we’ve discovered after monitoring the region’s air for some time now - wind doesn’t always carry air pollution away.

Problems have been found all round Greater Wellington, particularly next to busy roadways and in periods of cold calm weather during winter.

It can affect health – your health

You can’t choose the air you breathe in and you need enormous amounts of it - 26,000 breaths worth a day. That adds up to 14,000 litres or about 150 bathtubs full. So, even small amounts of pollution can really add up.

The health effects can range from triggering or worsening of asthma, eye, throat and lung irritations and respiratory diseases. These can put extra strain on other systems of the body and lead to heart and circulation problems (cardio pulmonary). Young people and the elderly are most at risk.

The combustion process of petrol and diesel in vehicles releases gases and particulates into the air. Driving an electric vehicle can help improve air quality.