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Wellington launching ramps

Wellington launching ramps

Updated 8 May 2015 9:49am

Owhiro Bay

Owihiro Bay ramp is a concrete ramp. Difficult in northerly winds and at low tide. Beware of shallow areas near the ramp. Some parking is available. This is a Wellington City Council facility.

Tarakena Bay

Tarakena Bay ramp is a concrete ramp. Difficult in southerly winds and at low tide. Some parking is available and it is important to park clear of the ramp because it is used by the Wellington Airport Crash Boat in emergencies and for training.

Dorrie Leslie Park 

Dorrie Leslie ramp, in Lyall Bay opposite Hungerford Road in Lyall Bay is a small conrete ramp.  There is limited parking and it has exposed in strong southerliy conditions.

Evans Bay

Evans Bay ramp is a concrete ramp. Difficult at low tide, but generally unaffected by wind and with ample parking available. A Wellington City Council facility.

Seatoun Beach

Next to a small carpark and concrete ramp better suited to smaller boats, reasonably sheltered in most conditions.

Seaview Marina

Seaview Marina ramp is a wide concrete ramp. Suitable in all tides and winds and has ample parking available. There is a charge to use this ramp. Contact Seaview Marina for details.

Lowry Bay

Lowry Bay ramp is a narrow and steep concrete ramp. Better suited to small boats. Difficult in northerly winds, but suitable in all tides with ample parking available.

Sladden Park

 Sladden Park ramp is a sheltered concrete ramp.  The park is accessed of Braken Street in Petone.  Once in the water you have to travel sdown the Hutt river to get to the harbour, so keep your speed under 5 knots and be aware of debris in the river.  Not suitable for trailer sailers as you have to get under the Waione Street bridge.

Makara Beach

A concrete ramp at the north end of the beach that launches into the river, ramp is sometimes covered with gravel. Ramp is sheltered but river mouth may not be, best for smaller craft.