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Section 14.2 General terms

Section 14.2 General terms

Updated 3 July 2015 12:44pm

14.2.1 Resource Management Act

The consent will be subject to all relevant provisions of the Act, its amendments and any regulations made thereunder. It is the obligation of the consent holder to comply with all the statutory requirements relating to the exercise of the consent.

14.2.2 Charges payable by holders of resource consents

A charge, set in accordance with section 36(2) of the Act, shall be paid to the Wellington Regional Council for carrying out its functions in relation to the administration, monitoring and supervision of the activity, and for carrying out its functions under section 35 (duty to gather information, monitor and keep records) of the Act.

14.2.3 Inspections and measurements

Wellington Regional Council or its servants, or its agents, is permitted access at all reasonable times for the purpose of carrying out inspections or measurements. Where practicable, prior notice of any access shall be given to the landowner or resident of the property.