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Rule 52 Vehicles on Stopbanks

Rule 52 Vehicles on Stopbanks

Updated 23 November 2012 12:07pm

[The use of any stopbank, or part of a stopbank, in Appendix 13 (stopbanks taken from Wellington Regional Council River Management Scheme Assett Registers) for the passage of any motorised vehicle or machinery of greater than 9 tonnes along a stopbank is a discretionary activity, other than one or both of the following:

(1) The stopbank, or part of the stopbank, is a road that is part of a public roading network maintained and operated by a local authority or a network utility operator; or

(2) The use is by a local authority or network utility operator for the purpose of maintaining, repairing, extending or adding to the stopbank, or for any other flood management purpose, or for the purpose of maintaining or repairing network utility infrastructure.

Note : Rule 52 refers to vehicles or machinery that pass along a stopbank, not across it. If crossing a stopbank involves travelling along it for any distance, then Rule 52 applies. Rule 52 does not apply when crossing a stopbank without going along it]

Rule 52 and the note with the Rule were inserted by Decisions on Plan change 1 to the Regional Freshwater Plan December 2002.This rule is subject a reference to the Environment Court.