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Recycling directory

Recycling directory

Updated 20 May 2016 9:33am

If you can't find anyone that can recycle your waste, go to the local Waste exchange, Freecycle, Trade & Exchange, or DonateNZ. All these websites are there to help you with both diverting waste from the landfill or if you are looking for free to low cost material and resources for your business.  Registration is easy and free.

If your organisation or business is interested in being involved in waste issues and initiatives in the Wellington region,  please visit the waste forum website.

Below you will find a list of recycling companies that may beable to help you to re-use and recycle various materials from your business. 

Office paper, cardboard & mixed (plastics, glass, aluminium, tin)

Car parts

Computers and IT equipment

Construction and Demolition Waste









Hazardous Waste

As a business, it is your legal responsibility to dispose of your hazardous waste in the appropriate way. Below is a list of companies that can help you with this.

Agricultural chemicals

Batteries, all types from car and boat batteries to household batteries and rechargeable batteries

Gas cylinders

Hazardous chemicals

Hazardous metals (nickel, cadmium and metal hydride)

Paints, solvents and paint strippers

Petrol, oil and diesel