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Planting projects

Planting projects

Updated 28 November 2017 3:06pm

There are two main planting projects under way at Battle Hill. Both are taking place on the riparian (edge) zones of streams to improve the quality of water and soil, habitats for wildlife and the range of native plants on the property.

Re-creating Swampy Gully forest

During 2003 the wet bottom of Swampy Gully was fenced off from livestock and the first Arbor Day planting held there in June 2004. Here the"pioneer" species – cabbage trees, toetoe, mahoe and manuka – should take off, and transform a formerly bare paddock into a wetland forest. Park visitors can walk through the gully now, aided by several boardwalks over the streams feeding the area.

A pearl necklace for the front paddocks

The idea of a "pearl necklace" is behind a new planting project on the banks of the stream in Battle Hill’s front paddocks. Interspersed with the "pearls" of trees will be open areas, giving access to the stream and creating a balance of environmental and recreational needs. The streamside plantings will help filter nutrient runoff from the surrounding paddocks, attract birds and provide pleasant shady areas for park visitors.