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Ngauranga to Wellington Airport (N2A) Corridor

Ngauranga to Wellington Airport (N2A) Corridor

Updated 7 October 2021 10:48am

This corridor is bounded by Ngauranga interchange to the north, the Regional Hospital in Newtown to the south, and Wellington International Airport to the east. It includes State Highway 1, the local road network, the rail network terminating at Wellington station, and key routes for passenger transport, walking and cycling.

The N2A Corridor Plan was first adopted in 2008, following a two year strategic study involving multiple consultation phases.

The plan was most recently updated as part of the Wellington Regional Land Transport Plan 2015 where the N2A Corridor Strategy now sits.

The key principles for development of the N2A transport corridor are:

  • a high quality and high frequency passenger transport ‘spine’
  • a reliable and accessible ‘ring’ or bypass route for vehicles
  • inter-connected, safe, and convenient local street, walking, cycling and passenger transport networks
  • highly accessible and attractive ‘activity’ or shopping streets

A package of multi-modal transport improvements are proposed to address the problems through the corridor, including a solution at the Basin Reserve where many of the planned improvements connect.

Let's Get Wellington Moving

Greater Wellington Regional Council, Wellington City Council and the NZ Transport Agency are working together to get Wellington moving.

Let’s Get Wellington Moving – the Ngauranga to Airport (N2A) Programme – is a joint initiative between all three partner agencies to find workable and lasting transport solutions to deliver Wellington City’s 2040 vision and Growth Strategy.

We want to keep Wellington vibrant, moving and one of the best places in the world to live. Designing the transport system in keeping with good urban design and transport principles will help us to get there.

In the wake of the Basin Bridge decision, the region’s transport leaders are taking a fresh look at how we plan our transport system and how Wellington City looks, feels and functions. We want to engage with people in a meaningful way.

In the first phase of Let’s Get Wellington Moving we’re inviting people across the region to join a new conversation about what’s working and not working for them in terms of our City and its transport.

This will help us understand the problems people are facing and develop some basic principles to guide improvements.

We’re open-minded about the answers and will take time to listen.

For more information about the programme, the N2A Governance Group (including a Terms of Reference, Memorandum of Understanding, and meeting notes) or to join the conversation go to