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Mountain biking

Mountain biking

Updated 1 April 2021 5:35pm

Mountain biking is a challenging and exhilarating way to explore some of the more beautiful and little known parts of the Wellington region.

Whether you want historic trails, hill country farmland or tricky forest tracks, you will find it in the regional parks and forests. They offer a variety of terrain and scenery to suit all abilities and levels of fitness.

Mountain biking tracks

You will find mountain biking tracks in the following regional parks and forests.

Preparing for your ride 

Our weather is notoriously changeable, so take a wind and waterproof jacket on longer rides. Wear layers of clothing and always wear a helmet. Take something to eat and drink, spare tube, tools and first aid kit. Let someone know your intended route and when to expect you back.

See Metservice for the latest weather forecast and always let someone know where you are going and when to expect you back.

All mountain biking tracks in the parks and forests are also available to other users. Slow down and give way to walkers or horse riders.

Limited numbers of bicycles are permitted free on Wellington regional trains (more...)

The parks and forests are open daily from 8am till times stated at the park entrace. Tracks may be closed at times for safety or for park operations. Read the information boards at park entrances and obey all signs.


Mountain bike grading

Fairly flat, wide, smooth track or gravel road

Mostly flat with some gentle climbs on smooth track with easily avoidable obstacles such as rocks and potholes

Steep slopes and/or avoidable obstacles possibly on narrow track and/or with poor traction.  There may be exposure at the tracks outside edge

A mixture of long, steep climbs, narrow track, poor traction and difficult obstacles to avoid or jump over.  Generally exposed at the track outside edge.  Most riders will find some sections easier to walk

Technically challenging.  Giant climbs, narrow track and numerous hazards including dangerous drop-offs, sharp corners and difficult obstacles.  Expect walking and possibly bike carrying

Most rides become more difficult when wet