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Friends of Maara Roa

Friends of Maara Roa

Updated 6 August 2020 5:22pm

Belmont Regional Park

Where can you find the group?

The community group are based mainly in the Porirua/Tawa area, and are always happy to welcome new volunteers.

Contact the Friends here.

What has the group done?

The group has identified the fragile environment and has developed some objectives and aims for the care of this area.


  • To enhance and restore the native forest
  • To guard and develop it for public ownership and enjoyment
  • To cooperate with city and regional councils and other bodies
  • To provide a venue for educational activities
  • To protect all its indigenous flora and fauna.


  • Grow native seedlings
  • Plant and look after new native trees
  • Protect existing bush
  • Improve freshwater wetland
  • Control pest animals and weeds
  • Reinstate the big native trees
  • Follow biodiversity principles
  • Open new walking tracks
  • Plan for the future reserve.

The group also has political and long term objectives. These include:

  • The whole valley in public ownership
  • Year round access for walks in the bush
  • Mitigation of motorway impacts
  • Future bush corridor across the hills to Petone.

To find out more, contact the Friends, or visit The Friends of Maara Roa website.

Current Activities

The group is currently weeding and releasing plants. They always welcome new volunteers.For more information visit the friends' website.

The group is also asking for help with forest monitoring, surveys, seed collection, growing seedlings, fundraising and sponsorship, planning, lobbying and networking.