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Notified Consent

Notified Consent

Updated 7 December 2020 10:04am

Featherston Wastewater Treatment Plant

UPDATE: Greater Wellington Regional Council received a formal request from South Wairarapa District Council and Wellington Water Limited to withdraw the application.


Notification of application for a resource consent: WAR170229 under section 95(A) of the Resource Management Act 1991

Greater Wellington Regional Council has received an application for a resource consent from:


South Wairarapa District Council

Address for Service:

South Wairarapa District Council, PO Box 6, Martinborough 5741, Attention: Jackie Buckley


Featherston Wastewater Treatment Plant, Donald Street, Featherston

Site A – 65 Longwood West Road, Featherston

Site B – 270 Murphy’s Line, Featherston

Map Reference:

Featherston Wastewater Treatment Plant - NZTM: 1794964.5443493


To discharge contaminants to water, land and air associated with the proposed long term upgrade and operation of the Featherston Wastewater Treatment Plant   

Consent applied for:

[34616] Discharge permit – to discharge treated effluent to land adjacent to the plant at Site A adjacent to the plant (Stage 1A), and Site B the Hodder Farm (Stage 1B, 2A and 2B)

[34617] Discharge permit - to discharge contaminants to land and water via seepage from the ponds and channel

[34618] Discharge permit - to discharge contaminants to air (odour from the ponds, channel and treatment process and effluent associated with land application)  

[34619] Discharge permit – to discharge contaminants from treated effluent into Donalds Creek


The submission period closed at 4:30pm on Thursday 12 July 2018

A summary of submissions is available from the side panel.

Hearing details

No hearing required as the application has been withdrawn.