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Eastbourne Forest Rangers

Eastbourne Forest Rangers

Updated 27 August 2018 8:44am

The Eastbourne Forest Rangers (EFR) have been caring for the forest in East Harbour Regional Park since 1933 when the land was part of Eastbourne Domain. Following a break during World War II the rangers regained their warrants in the late 1940s and have been involved in the park ever since.

During that time the group has functioned as an independent body, with no formal reporting role. Rangers have carried out their self-imposed and self-regulated guardianship without any wish for public recognition except where it mattered - in the field. However EFR has always had good relations with and informally reported to the former Eastbourne Borough Council then to the Hutt City Council, and now to the park ranger.

The Eastbourne Forest Rangers are volunteers interested in recreation and conservation aspects of the bush surrounding the Eastern Bays. They continue their informal guardianship role watching for campfires and vandalism in the park. They also carry out pest plant removal, some light track maintenance and guiding of visitors to the forest.  Many are involved with the work of the MIRO group.

Contact Eastbourne Forest Rangers

Hayden James
Eastbourne Forest Rangers Coordinator