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Burning tyres

Burning tyres

Updated 3 July 2015 12:50pm

Subclause 7 (see link below) of the regulations specifies:

7 Burning of tyres


This standard means that the burning of tyres in the open air or in open containers is banned. The burning of tyres as a fuel source under appropriate conditions, such as in a cement kiln with best practice abatement equipment, is not prevented by the standard.

Councils would still be able to consider whether to grant consents for discharges to air from tyres burned in designed equipment with appropriate emission controls (i.e. within a controlled environment rather than an open fire). The standard states that any resource consent application for this activity is a discretionary activity.

In response to a number of tyre stockpiles, the tyre management system “Tyre Track” has been developed to discourage dumping and unauthorised stockpiling, and to improve the management of end-of-life tyres. Tyre Track is a web and free phone-based system which connects tyre dealers and registered transporters with authorised end users and disposal points. The system is operated by the Motor Trade Association on behalf of the tyre industry, and is supported by the Ministry for the Environment. You can contact Tyre Track or on 0508 TYRE TRACK (0508 897 387).