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Beacon Hill Signal Station

Beacon Hill Signal Station

Updated 10 March 2021 2:45pm

Situated 131 metres above the harbour entrance Beacon Hill has a commanding view of the main channel and the eastern approaches to Cook Strait.

Beacon Hill Signal Station, officially called Wellington Harbour Radio, is well known to all commercial shipping and a large number of recreational craft. Beacon Hill is staffed by a roster of six dedicated people, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The station's main function is as the harbours communication station.The station is the first point of contact for ships arriving and departing Wellington Harbour. Once contact is made, information regarding the current shipping movements, prevailing weather conditions and any relevant navigation warnings are passed on.

All commercial vessels moving on the harbour report their intentions and passenger numbers to the station.

Recreational boaties are required call up Wellington Harbour Radio when transiting the entrance during restricted visibility or the hours of darkness.

Radio channels

Wellington Harbour's working VHF frequency is Channel 14. All commercial vessels on the harbour and recreation vessels transiting the entrance at night are required to contact Beacon Hill and inform them of their intentions.

Beacon Hill has four VHF sets which are constantly monitor Channels 04, 14, 16 and 62.Channel 04 this provides coverage around Cape Palliser towards Castlepoint.The Channel 62 repeater on Mount Kaukau gives coverage across Cook Strait and up the west coast past Kapiti.

Harbour entrance webcam

There is a webcam showing six views from Beacon Hill, looking from the harbour entrance back towards Somes Island. Each picture is updated every six minutes. You can click on an individual picture to see it enlarged.