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Appendix 6A

Appendix 6A

Updated 3 July 2015 12:44pm

Port noise management plan

The Port Noise Management Plan, required under general standard 14.1.4B, shall:

(i) State the objectives of the Management Plan.

(ii) Identify all significant noise sources from port related activities within the Commercial Port Areas and Lambton Harbour Development Area.

(iii) Identify the best practical options to ensure the emission of noise does not exceed the noise levels specified in 14.1.4(A)(3).

(iv) Identify techniques that will be considered to reduce the emission of noise over time and indicate which of these techniques will be adopted to achieve the objectives of the Noise Management Plan.

(v) Explain how the port company will take noise effects into account in the design and location of new or extended port activities.

(vi) Identify how the port company will work with independent companies to ensure that transport noise and noise from other activities within the port area will be kept to a minimum practical level.

(vii) Identify procedures for noise reduction through the port company’s staff and contractor training.

(viii) Provide for the establishment and maintenance of a Port Noise Liaison Committee (the port company may provide for this function within the operation of its Environmental Consultative Committee).

(ix) List the Port Noise Liaison Committee functions; and the procedures for the recommendations of the Committee to be considered and determined by the port company.

(x) Detail procedures for receiving and deciding on complaints.

(xi) Detail procedures for noise monitoring, auditing and reporting.

(xii) Include procedures for the review and alteration of the Port Noise Management Plan.